Connecting patients and researchers to accelerate clinical trials through realtime blockchain technologies.

HealthReady® empowers patients to manage all their health data in one solution and grant permission to share privately and securely with researchers.

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Accelerated Process

Removes the typical barriers of matching qualified participants with researchers to accelerate the clinical trial process.

More Inclusive

Establishes trust between sponsor and participant to create a more inclusive and personal clinical trial experience.


Empowers patients with real-time access to view, track, and monitor their personal health data.

Reasearcher Portal

Access for sponsors, CROs, or sites to find participants that qualify for clinical trial or research

Patient App

Patient access to consolidated view of electronic health records, wearables, sensors, and devices

Data Privacy

HIPAA compliant, allows data to be shared pseudo-anonymized


Notifies patients on clinical trials or research recruitment in their area and a dashboard to track their participation and data access permissions

Authentication and Permission

Verified patient identification and health data, granting permission for research and clinical trial use

Coming Soon: Surveys

Develop survey tool for specific patient population


Our Mission

The healthcare ecosystem is complex with increasing numbers of people living with chronic conditions, over 7000 rare diseases with unmet needs, and with many underrepresented patient population.

At HealthReady, our mission is to bridge the gap between technology and science and to create an inclusive and accelerated clinical trials process by establishing trust between sponsor and participant, overcoming barriers to reach qualified participants for recruitment and empowering patients with the means to protect, access, and grant permission of personalized health data.

The platform is specifically designed to:

  • Empower patients to own, access, and manage the permission to access their health data

  • Advance drug development process by matching patients to research and research to patients with unmet needs

  • Bring awareness of clinical trials and research for remote and underrepresented patient population

The Demo

HealthReady Dashboard

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Our Platform

Effortless matching of participants to clinical trials

Enabling an equal partnership between patient and researcher



  • Real-time access to personal health data
  • Monitor who and when data was accessed
  • Dynamic consent to share data (e.g. time limited)
  • Build a comprehensive electronic health record (EHR)
  • Receive clinical trial data back to add to the EHR
  • Integrate data from use of wearables and devices
  • Enhanced data security and privacy
  • Education and resources on disease and prevention
  • More visibility for underrepresented and rare diseases
  • Better manage conditions with validated and aggregated information


  • Access to qualified participants for research
  • Data privacy compliant
  • Efficient aggregation of clean and verified patient data from multiple sources
  • Data by design: interoperable and machine readable
  • Better refine study protocol design
  • Meet enrollment timelines with confidence
  • Leverage telemedicine and remote clinical trial
  • Advance personalized medicine
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